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Association Launches New Immigration Support Program to Help Recruit Construction Workers to PEI

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Charlottetown: June 10, 2021 - “Our association’s new initiative - TradesCan - to help member companies recruit skilled immigrants for construction jobs is one more tool in the toolbox to deal with significant labour shortages,” says CAPEI General Manager Sam Sanderson.

TradesCan is a partnership involving CAPEI and two island businesses involved in providing foreign workers and immigrant recruitment and career marketing initiatives. These business have come together to work with CAPEI and its members to help:

  • Identify foreign workers and immigrants with construction experience/training looking to come to PEI;

  • Work with the foreign workers and immigrants to support them with their application and immigration process;

  • Work with CAPEI member companies to place workers to meet labour shortages;

  • Oversee job placements to ensure that foreign workers and immigrants have the language and cultural understanding to integrate effectively into the construction sector.

Over the coming months, CAPEI and TradesCan will be hosting multiple, virtual information sessions to help members learn how they can quickly and easily start the application process.

“As the labour market changes, we as a sector have to do everything possible to ensure our member companies have access to the skilled workers they need to continue to support local construction projects. Immigration is a key part of that approach,” said Sanderson.

Any member of the Construction Association of PEI can access TradesCan free of charge. For more information go to or contact us at:

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