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Why Immigration?

The Workforce Challenge

As PEI’s construction sector continues to see strong demand, companies are increasingly challenged to secure skilled employees.


According to BuildForce Canada’s 2021–2030 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward report :


“Maintaining a skilled labour force across the scenario period may be challenged due to rising retirements and an aging workforce. An estimated 1,500 workers (or 24% of the current labour force) are expected to retire.”


The Immigration Solution

Now more than ever, construction employers need to look at foreign workers and immigration as one source of skilled labour to address growing labour shortages.

TradesCan is a construction foreign workers and immigration program established in partnership with the Construction Association of PEI.    

The program provides services to help identify and recruit foreign workers and immigrants to come and work in Canada’s construction sector.


Our program is supported by dedicated offices and agents located throughout Asia that can find foreign workers and immigrants with construction training and experience interested re-locating to Canada.


Any company that is a member of the Construction Association of PEI can access TradesCan foreign workers andimmigrant recruitment services at no charge.

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